Beretta Xplor Line Sling


Leather-finished PES shotgun sling with non-slip backing. Personalized with “XPLOR” design.

Xplor Line
A durable, functional and ultra-protective line focused on Beretta A400 Xplor Unico semiauto shotgun. The case, featuring Beretta’s distinctive thermo-shield, has the Beretta inner lining, which helps eliminate excess oil and moisture. “A400 XPLOR” and Beretta logo embroidery decorate the side. The shotgun sling, with leather finishing and non-slip backing, is light, resilient and features a stylish design with the embloidered “XPLOR” brand on one side and the thermo-engraved Beretta brand and logo on the other. Scratch resistant. Antishock. Water resistant. Double density. Central thermo-shield protection. Barrel protection. Thermo-shield protection.