Caldwell AR Mag Charger AR-15 Magazine Loader


Load AR magazines in just seconds
Accepts 50 rounds of .223, 5.56, or .204 loaded ammo
Instant transfer system from ammo box directly to Mag Charger
Loads 5 rounds per "stroke" with auto advance
Compatible with all AR platform mags both mil spec and molded plastic
Durable Polycarbonate construction
The Caldwell AR-15 Magazine Charger changes the way you will load you AR-15 magazines. With this innovative design, you can take 50 rounds of ammunition and load it all into two magazines in less than 15 seconds. This will make your magazine loading easier and get you back to shooting quicker.

You simply load all 50 rounds into the Mag Charger which will automatically align each round, insert an AR magazine into the Mag Charger, then operate the plunger back and forth which will load 5 rounds into the magazine per stroke until the magazine is fully loaded. An Ammo Transfer tray is included to stage ammo for loading or to invert ammo positioned in boxes pointed tip down. Fill your mags quicker and easier with the AR-15 Magazine Charger from Caldwell.

For Detail Video of the product please click on the link below.