Champion EasyBird Doubles Trap


Get dialed-in on doubles thanks to the revolutionary design of the EasyBird® Auto-Feed Doubles trap. Featuring a detachable double-stack magazine with 100 clay capacity and a 50-foot release cord with foot pedal control, the Auto-Feed Doubles trap reliably offers ATA single or double practice for league shooters and bird hunters. It throws standard or International clays from 35 to 50 yards and has an easy-to-adjust elevation range up to 30 degrees.

Features & Benefits
Adjustable to throw ATA doubles or singles
Holds 100 standard 108mm or International 110mm targets
Easy adjustable mainspring for throwing distances of 35 to 50 yards
50 ft. release cord with foot pedal release
Easily adjusts up to 30 degree elevation
30-amp circuit breaker protects electrical wires and motor
On-off-safe release switch provides safe method to uncock arm
Arm safety ring provides visual indication of throwing arm path for safety