Dueling Tree Steel Target 9mm-.30-06 Caliber


High Caliber Dueling Tree Steel Target, Rated for 9mm - .30-06 Caliber
Great for 1 or 2 shooters, the Do-All Outdoors High Caliber Dueling Tree Spinning Target features 4 pivoting target paddles with automatic resetting action that resets with a direct hit. Made of high-quality steel, this target is rated for 9mm firearms with .30 - .06 calibers.

Features and Benefits
Rated for 9mm firearms with .30 - .06 calibers
Made of high-quality steel for durability
4 pivoting target paddles on a sturdy 2-leg base
Automatic resetting action resets with a direct hit
Forward-leaning design deflects bullets downward for safety
Easy assembly
Includes a sticker reticle and ground stakes
Always wear proper eye and ear protection. Always shoot at the recommended distance. Always use soft-nose bullets; if others are used, bodily injury may occur.
What's in the Box
Do-All Outdoors High Caliber Dueling Tree Spinning Target
Sticker reticle
Steel target frame
2-leg base system
Steel ground stakes