Hoppe's Elite Pierce Point Jags


Hoppe's Elite Pierce Point Cleaning Jags have a streamlined design to provide a deep clean when used with the appropriate size cleaning patch. These brass jags have an extra-durable pierce point design to stand up to intense cleaning sessions and are available in five difference calibers. Use the Hoppe's Elite Pierce Point Cleaning Jags to complete your Hoppe's Elite Cleaning Rod System or other standard cleaning rods. All of the jags, except for the .17 caliber jag, have a standard 8-32 threading.
  • Use to push patches through the muzzle of a firearm
  • Extra-durable pierce point design
  • .22, .70, .30 cal and 9mm jag all have 8-32 threading
  • Fits most standard rods
  • .17 caliber jag is 5-44 threading and has a female end