S9-FOslingshot features Fiber-Optic Sights attached to Rotating prongs. When the slingshot is fired, the prongs and the sights rotate 180 degrees to allow the powerbands to pass through the fork. The bands never hit the sights. The unique fibre-optic dot sensors capture light rays which cause the red & green dot sights to GLOW for better aiming, and shooting accuracy.
The clear plastic-handle slides up the U-shaped aluminum frame, and releases SA30 ammo from a capless hole in the bottom. When the handle is pushed down, the hole becomes "self-sealing" and traps ammo in the handle.
The S9FO slingshot does not have a wrist-brace, and will fit in a back pack or pocket. It has a moderate pull and is fun to shoot!
The S9FO includes 30 cnt. SA30 5/16" steel-ball